Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Information from KGUN9's The Morning Blend Baby Savings Story

I'll be visiting The Morning Blend studio Wednesday morning to share Baby Savings tips.  I would love to welcome The Morning Blend Viewers to my website!  Here is the information from the show.

How to Save $ on Diapers and Wipes


My mom saved a ton of money using cloth diapers with all 8 of her kids, but I could never talk myself into going that nasty route.  Reality is babies go through mountains of diapers and wipes.  And it's hard not to feel like you are just throwing money away, each time you toss a disposable diaper.  Pampers, Huggies, and Luvs Diapers have mailing lists that you can join for free where they will email and mail you coupons periodically.  Use these coupons when CVS and Walgreens run their promotions on diapers for some screaming deals.  Costco and Sams Club sell large boxes of diapers as well at discounted prices as well.
   Join Amazon Mom Join Amazon Mom Join Amazon Mom Amazon Prime

Sign up for Amazon Mom, a great program for parents and grand parents to get discounts on baby and toddler products that you use everyday.  Parents can save 30% off diapers and wipes and receive FREE two-day shipping.

Join Amazon Mom

There is no minimum purchase requirement to be an Amazon Mom member. If you join Amazon Mom, you will receive up to a year of free Amazon Prime shipping benefits, which include FREE Two-Day Shipping and $3.99/item upgrades to One-Day Shipping. Your first three months are free, and for each $25 you spend on products in the Baby store within a single order, we’ll grant you an additional month of Amazon Prime shipping benefits. You can earn up to one year of free shipping benefits from the date you joined Amazon Mom. We may choose to extend this free offer for more than one year. The automatic renewal provisions in the Amazon Prime Terms & Conditions (which would require you to pay for Amazon Prime) do not apply to this membership, even if we decide to extend the free Amazon Prime shipping offer beyond one year. Amazon Mom members will also be entitled to discounts and promotions, which we will communicate to you via e-mail or make available on the Amazon Mom membership page.

How to Save $ on Baby and Children's Clothing

I love shopping at Kohl's for my baby and kid's clothing needs! I'm anti-credit card, and my Kohl's Card is the only one I use regularly.  I just pay the balance in full each month.  They mail you 15%, 20%, and 30% off coupon codes that you can use on top of their already great sales and clearance prices.  Every once in a while, I receive coupons for $10 off $20 purchase coupons as well through the newspaper, mailings, or emails.  If you have a Kohl’s Card, right now you can get 30% off your order when you use the online coupon code HITTHEBOOKS at checkout. Then, you can then also use code FUN4MVC to get free shipping.  This offer is valid through 8/17. Kohl's often runs percentage off promotions with their charge card on top of the sale or clearance prices.  My family LOVES Kohl's.


Ross is another of my favorite money saving stores for baby clothing and baby items.  They offer up to 60% discounts on department store prices.  Click here to find your closest Ross store. 

Other Online Money Saving Sites for Baby and Kids Clothing:

1.  Zulily.com has to be one of my favorite sites offering daily savings on unique items for mom, babies, and kids.

2. Totsy.com is similar to Zulily.  Right now they are offering a SPECIAL BONUS! Included with your purchase of $45 or more is a one-year subscription to ( a $10 value).

3.  Ebay.com is a great place to find deals on both new and used baby clothing and supplies.  Always check the sellers ratings before ordering.

4.  Craigslist.com is basically a giant online garage sale.  You can find all kinds of baby deals on used clothing to used baby equipment.

How to Save $ on Baby Equipment


I haven't had to purchase baby equipment in years, so I quizzed parents with babies what their favorite baby saving websites are.

Here's the list:

1.  Albeebaby.com offers great deals on car seats, baby furniture, strollers, bedding, and more.

2.  Babyhalfoff.com offers a different screaming baby deal daily.

3.  Babysteals is another great site offering 2 daily screaming baby deals daily. They sell two quality baby or maternity products every day at up to 80% off until they sell out.

3.  Zulily.com has to be one of my favorite sites offering daily savings on unique items for mom, babies, and kids.

4. Totsy.com is similar to Zulily.  Right now they are offering a SPECIAL BONUS! Included with your purchase of $45 or more is a one-year subscription to ( a $10 value).

5.  Overstock.com offers  everything from baby clothes and baby gear to baby strollers, cribs, and car seats.

6. Slickdeals.net lists all kinds of deals including deals available for babies.

7. Amazon.com offers great deals on cribs and other baby equipment.

You can also find great deals on used baby equipment on Craigslist.com.  Never purchase a used Car Seat!  Just remember that most manumanufacturers suggest that you should replace the car seats every 6 years.  Firefighters in our area suggest replacing every 3 years due to the extreme heat lowering the life expectancy of baby car seats.

My Favorite Baby Money Saving Blogs


    There are many blogs that post baby deals as they find them.  You can find all kinds of baby deals by following these blogs/websites in their qwest to save money for new parents.

1.  Babycheapskate.com

2.   "Deal"ectable Mommies

3.  Money Saving Mom- constantly lists diaper deals and much more.

4.  Mama Cheaps

5.  Mommies With Cents

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