Friday, July 22, 2011

Belle Chic Salon: $65 for Dimensional Color and Designer Cut & Style

Does your hair look like this, hours after you’ve woken up? Do random people ask you if you just came from a Whitesnake video shoot? Do you sometimes feel as though your hair is so electrically charged that it could power the whole of Journal Broadcast Group? If so, we’ve got a solution for you.


This super sweet deal by Belle Chic Salon is nothing to dismiss. The fine stylists here will cater to your hair desires or even help you to find a new look. AND, the best part, $65- seriously, for anyone who gets their hair done somewhere other than the local beauty schools, you KNOW that this is one smokin’ deal.
So, if you refer to your hair as being “business in the front” and “party in the back”, you may want to snag this deal…soon…I mean, like, now…please…for the children.
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