Wednesday, June 29, 2011

FREE Download of Multiplication/Division Children's Computer Game

My kids have loved playing Timez Attack, and I love it that they have been able to learn their multiplication facts.  Now they have expanded the game to include division.  Plus they have a Base Version that you can download for FREE!

Here's the Press Release Information:

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Division Expansion Pack 
Now Available
Big Brainz Division Screenshot 1
At last! The Division Expansion Pack includes the same great Timez Attack
entertainment, but incorporates all new curriculum that ensures instant
recall of division facts. To try it, just download the latest version of Timez
Attack.  The base version of division is automatically included. 
Base Version Free!
So that we can keep helping ALL kids regardless of budgets or income, we're
again providing our base version absolutely free. To thank those who have
generously purchased a Timez Attack upgrade, current owners automatically
get a $10 discount off Deluxe until June 30th.  (Just use the same email)

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