Monday, April 18, 2011

All You: $84.32 of coupons in the May issue

I love All You Magazine and all the coupons that come in each magazine. Right now Amazon has a All You (2-year) subscription for just $34. That's a 43% savings and cost less for 2 years than you get in coupons per issue.
 I just received my May issue of ALL YOU magazine.

In the May issue of ALL YOU, hitting newsstands at Walmart stores nationwide on Friday, April 22, and available by subscription, you’ll find:
  • 25 Things You Can Get for Free
  • 30 Ways to Save
  • Rebates 101
  • Tips for Selling Items on Ebay, Amazon and Craigslist

Plus: $85.32 worth of coupons, the full list of coupons in the May issue is here:

  They also have this coupon online now:

Crystal Light Sugar-Free Candy
Offer: Save $0.50 on any size package of CRYSTAL LIGHT
® Sugar-Free CANDY
Print limit: 20,000

And more…

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