Monday, February 28, 2011

CityDeals: FREE shipping on their already Amazing Deals plus Monday Flash Sale

Up to 15% Off & Free Shipping On Select Deals Until 6:00 PM

Today's Flash Sale gives you up to 15% off & free shipping on select deals!

Iceberg Drive Inn (View locations here)  $10 certificates for $5.10 with coupon code CD15

Southern Magnolia Minerals 8-Piece Makeup Kit  Only $19.55 with coupon code CD15

Lavish Loft Clothing Boutique  $20 certificates for $8.50 with coupon code CD15

Cricut Cartridges  As low as $27 with coupon code CRICUT

HCG Platinum Drops 30-Day Supply  Only $29 for a limited time with coupon code HCG20

The Flash Sale ends at 6:00 PM tonight. Coupon codes CD15, CRICUT, and HCG20 are valid only on the deals above.

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