Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Couponing Made Easy

Here is what was on the handout from last night's class.

How to Get Started:

AZ Newspapers
AZ Daily Star- $4.30 per month for Sunday paper.
AZ Republic- Multiple Sunday Papers available. More expensive. More coupons.
AZ Republic- $1 per week for 1 Sunday paper

Printable Coupons
Under Labels on Right sidebar, click on printable Coupons. Print coupons directly from from my website.

Make a Coupon Box
Under Labels on Right Sidebar, click on Coupon File Box

Know When to Toss Old Inserts

Tucson Coupon Tips
  1. Safeway, Bashas, and Frys double coupons taking up to $1 off everyday!! The only exception is if the coupon or printable coupon states DO NOT DOUBLE.
  2. Safeway always has in-ad coupons that say you can get a certain item for a certain price with a $20 purchase. You don't have to purchase $20 plus those items. The price of that item goes towards your $20 purchase.
  3. Use FREE Online Resources to find the deals of the week using coupons.
  1. Pair Buy One Get One (BOGO) FREE coupons with BOGO sales.
  2. Walgreens and their Register Rewards program
  3. CVS and their Extra Care Bucks program. Must register for card!

Cutting Your Grocery Bill in Half

  1. Track Your Receipts for 1 month.
  2. Set a realistic goal.
  3. Track and Know your best Prices
    Printable Tracking Sheet.
  4. Using the weekly sales ads, create a weekly meal plan. enter ingredients you have and search for recipes
    101 Things To Do With...” cookbooks by Stephanie Ashcraft
  5. Cook Once, Eat Twice
  6. Make Shopping list based on what is on sale and menu plan.
  7. Shop alone.
  8. Best Sales are on the front and back of your supermarket flier.
  9. Buy produce in it's season.
  10. Grow your own vegetables.
  11. Check pantry to see what you already have.
  12. 99¢ and Dollar Tree Stores
  13. Bread Outlet Stores
  14. Rebates
  15. Price Match at Walmart by taking ads to store.
  16. Sign up for Grocery Store Cards for Fry's, Bashas, and Safeway.
  17. Ask for rain check when the grocery store is out of a sales item.
  18. Most bargains are found on the higher or lower shelves.
  19. Stock up on Items when they hit their lowest price.
  20. Limit shopping to 1 day a week.
  21. Avoid shopping when hungry.
  22. Have a shopping plan.
  23. Walgreens and their Register Rewards
  24. CVS and their Extra Care Bucks
  25. Add Coupons for more Savings.

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