Friday, November 19, 2010

11/19 KVOA 4 p.m. Savvy Savings Black Friday Story Information

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For those of you who may not know, Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) is typically the biggest shopping day of the year. Although this year the sales have already been almost as good as the previous Black Friday ads. Several stores have already leaked their ads for this huge shopping day.
Here are my tips for preparing for the BIG morning:
  1. Don't wait to scour the ads until they arrive in the paper on Thanksgiving Day. Most black friday ads have already been released online. You can view the actual adds on I like to use their website to visually see the adds. Then, I visit the website where I can select the deals that I would like to get and print an itemized shopping list that I can take with me to the stores.

  2. From your list, prioritize what deals you want the most and plan to hit the stores with those deals as soon as they open. Remember that bicycles, popular toys, computers and electronic deals tend to disappear the fastest. Clothes and furniture are usually not the first to go. Some stores are opening at 3 a.m. While others don't open until 4 or 5 a.m. on Black Friday.

  3. Divide and conquer. If the checkout line is huge, I send my dear husband to wait in line while I grab the items we want to purchase. If the lines are not long, we divide up the list and meet back at the cash registers. My favorite year shopping was when my husband's family came down for Thanksgiving. We each made our list for each store, and each adult went to a different store to get the deals for everyone. Then, we just reimbursed everyone for what they purchased in our behalf.
  1. Most of all, have fun and enjoy all the savvy savings that are available on Black Friday.
    Interview information:
Store Opening Times:

- Toys R Us is open on 10pm Thanksgiving night or Black Friday eve

- Old Navy will be open at 12:01am on Black Friday giving away copies of the Dance Central video game for Xbox360 and Kinect to the first shoppers who are early enough to receive a wristband and spend at least $25 purchase.

- Walmart -opens at midnight, customers can get their ticket and wait in line for the store buster special that begins at 5am and runs until 11am while supplies last.  The problem with this is that if you need to get out of line for any reason, you have to go to the end of the line so bring someone to switch you places in line.

- 3 a.m. Best Buy passes out tickets for the big items at 3am and opens for business at 5am.
- Kohls is open at 3:00am EST on Black Friday.

- 4 a.m. JC Penny, Target, Sears, and Macys open at 4 a.m.

- 5 a.m. Kmart opens and Walmarts doorbuster prices start.

Hottest Deals:
 The best deals are definitely on electronics. Walmart has 19-inch LCD television for only $98 or a 32-inch for only $198 or a basic laptop computer for only $198. Best Buy and Office Max also have some amazing deals going for laptops and computers with more memory and gigabites.

Front Loading washer and dryer combo at Sears for $600.

Replace mom's knives at JcPenney. They have a Kitchenaid 16 piece set marked down $80 for only $39.88! JcPenny and Kohls have great deals on kitchen tools.

You can find amazing deals on clothing for all members of the family. I buy the next sizes up for my kids on these sales. Sears has jeans for girls for $4.99. They have jeans for the rest of the family that are normally priced $20-44 for only $ 9.99.

Toy Deals-Zhu Zhu pets $4 at Walmart. Lincoln Logs for ½ off at Toys R Us.

Don't forget all the deals available at CVS and Walgreens.  Using their Extra Care Bucks and Register Rewards programs, you can get several items for free on Black Friday.

To see the ads, click here.  To go to the site where you can create a printable shopping list, click here.


johnson said...

ideal place for saving money

Black Friday ads

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me if it is even worth getting in line at Best Buy for a laptop? What are the lines like here in Tucson? Do a lot of people come up from Mexico? What time do people typically line up?

Thank you!