Thursday, June 10, 2010

Safeway: Updated Coupon Policy

Kim at Arizona Savings just posted information on Safeway's updated coupon policy. She highlighted a few good changes including:
  • Coupon amount may be reduced so that any combined discounts and coupons do not exceed the value of the item. This means they can and SHOULD reduce coupons that exceed the price of the item... so whenever something is on sale for $0.99 and you have a $1 coupon, they can't deny using the coupon because of it beeping. They need to happily adjust the coupon down for you, so that you get it for free!

  • Safeway will accept valid manufacturer coupons that display another retailer’s logo or name.

  • Safeway will accept valid Catalina manufacturer coupons that are issued to a customer by another retailer. 
What great changes!  Thanks Kim, check out her post about it HERE! And here is a direct link to the new policy on safeway's website.

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Arizona Savings said...

Thanks so much for the link back to my blog! I love your site & feel honored to be mentioned on it!