Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jesse Kelly for Congress

Last night I had the opportunity to listen to Jesse Kelly answer questions from people in my community.  I have been searching for a candidate who will defend the constitution, put a stop to all the out of control spending, and who believes in limited government and states rights.  I was so impressed at how well he knew the constitution.  He will definitely have my vote this coming primary. I think that if the entire country voted people like Jesse into Congress, hope could be restored to this great nation.

Here's a great video of him expressing where he stands on a variety of issues:

If you'd like more information, please visit:


Sabrina said...

Seems like a great guy, but I'll be honest, being LDS and very interested in the Constitution (as it seems you are), I don't think Jesse is quite up to snuff. He talks a decent talk, but he is more of the same when it comes to conservatisism. We are having a meet and greet with Brian Miller at our house tomorrow morning at our house and he far and away exceeds Jesse is his knowledge of the Constitution from what I've seen of the debates. I rarely support any candidate or politician, but Brian totally has my vote. I encourage to really do a comparison. I hate to say it, but Jesse is more of the same, which isn't impressive, since they are leading our country down a terrible path. Brian really knows his stuff. Anyway, thanks for all your other great savings posts. Just had to chime in here because I am very, very passionate about the Constitution (we have it hanging on our front room wall) and I am afraid there are still so many candidates who look good but still know too little about the Constitution.

Lauren said...

Great post! I'm a Kelly fan myself ... haven't been this excited about someone in a long time. Sabrina, I have to respectfully disagree. Miller can't give a speech about the Constitution without having to pull a copy of it out of his pocket and reading from it. He has run one of the most dishonest campaigns I have seen in some time and that's saying a lot. Make sure you do your research, Sabrina.