Thursday, May 27, 2010

BZZ Agent Trial of Children's Claritin

In the past I've blogged about products that I've been able to try through being a BZZAgent.  My daughter (9) has allergy issues just like her mom.  I've been taking Claritin for a long time.  I take it when I need it during allergy season.  I wondered if it would help Lizzie too.

We received a 10 day supply of Children's Claritin.   Lizzie noticed a huge difference in how she felt.  In fact, she has been asking when we can go get her more Claritin.  She said she didn't feel sick when she was taking it.  Now she feels sick again.

I guess we are off to get more Children's Claritin.  :-)

Click here to print coupons for Claritin (for both adults and children).

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