Friday, February 12, 2010

Rovia: The Way To Save On Travel

We had to book 2 hotels in December. Each time I compared prices at Travelocity, Expedia, Priceline, Orbitz, and Rovia. Rovia beat them all!! In fact, Rovia beats Travelocity and Expedia's air fare prices 68% of the time according to an independent study conducted by Topaz International.

Rovia specializes in bringing you great prices on Air Fare, Car Rentals, Hotels, Vacation Packages, Condos/Villas, Activities and more. They have partnered with Disney to bring you amazing vacation packages for Disneyland, Disneyworld, and Disney Cruiselines. They even offer special packages for Honeymoons and Weddings.

Try it for yourself. Plus there is FREE Sign Up as a Preferred Customer so you can get alerts for travel deals you are interested in!

Preferred Customers get:
  • Access to Price Comparison Service
  • Exclusive Access to Rovia Preferred last-minute deals
  • $200,000 airline accident insurance per ticket
  • 30 minutes of toll-free concierge service for each travel booking
  • Service fees waived on online airline ticket purchases
  • Bargains on travel to your favorite destinations
  • Specials customized to your preferences
  • Latest News on travel industry updates and alerts
  • Save your travel preferences and searches
  • Record frequent flyer / rewards accounts
  • Free Travel alert / flight change notification

One thing I love about Rovia is the customer service. At the top middle of the page, there is a quote request link where you can actually let them know what you are wanting in terms of vacation packages, cruise packages, or group bookings. They have a staff on hand that works finding you the lowest price. If you've already done you homework, you can include the lowest price that you've found, and they will see if they can beat it.

Rovia keeps their prices low because they only advertise by word of mouth.

Click here to check out Rovia!

After posting about Rovia on facebook, one of my friends commented that he was getting ready to book 4 tickets to Chile on Expedia when he noticed my post. He was able to book his tickets from Rovia and saved $600! He was so excited.

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