Friday, February 5, 2010

Hooked On Phonics Deals

I love Hooked on Phonics. Right now they are having a huge clearance sale online plus you can use one of the following promotional codes, HOP50 or CASH50, to get an additional 50% off at checkout! I just ordered 1st Grade Science & Math Kit, 1st Grade Achievement kit, plus Hooked on Spanish for $52.40 (that included the shipping and handling and tax). My total would have been $308.95 with shipping and handling at it's original price. That's an 83% Savings. Just in case you are curious. LINK

Sale Price: $29.95
Price After Code: $14.98

1st Grade Achievement Kit
SKU: 1731
Was: $105.95
Now: $29.95
After code: $14. 98

Hooked On Spanish
SKU: 9274
Was: $39.95
Now: $14.95
After code: $7.48

Hooked On French
SKU: 9272
Was: $39.95
Now: $14.95
After code: $7.48

Hooked On French Deluxe
SKU: 9137
Was: $99.95
Now: $24.99
After code: $12.49

Hooked on Phonics Master Reader (Windows XP version)
SKU: 1036-V
Was: $199.95
Now: $59.95
After code: $29.98

Hooked on English Beginning
SKU: 9271
Was: $49.95
Now: $14.95
After code: $7.98

Pre-K-2nd Grade Super Workbook 4-Pack
SKU: 1107
Was: $51.80
Now: $25.90
After code: $12.95

Reading Rainbow® DVD 4-Pack
SKU: 9041
Was: $49.99
After code: $24.99 LINK

Thanks, PYPs for the heads up!

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