Friday, December 18, 2009

12/18 KVOA Savvy Savings Story

Watch me on KVOA Channel 4's 4 p.m. news today as I share creative gifts you can give to your friends and family that won't drain your pocketbook!

A huge thanks goes out to Costco and the 99¢ Only Store for donating the items to show for this story.

Creative Gifts on A Budget Ideas:

1. The 99¢ Only Store has great items that you can pair with creative printable sayings from On the segment, we shared different sayings paired with Christmas towels, nuts, mints, Spaghetti, and more. I printed the little sayings and attached them to red and green cardstock. All the wrapping materials, the ribbon, and baskets call all be found at the 99¢ Only Store.

2. Items you might not know that you can find at the 99¢ Only Store include fresh produce, belts and ties, clothing, and name brand items. They generally have a great selection of produce that can't be found at those prices anywhere else. When we filmed the first part of the story, they had Nabisco Ritz bits Crackers. When I went back on Monday, they were out of the crackers, but had Taco Bell Taco Dinner boxes which include salsa, 12 shells, and the seasoning. You only have to add the ground beef. Not bad for $1. Just keep in mind that what they carry always changes.

3. Costco has some amazing items that you can use for neighbor gifts as well. They have gifts ready to go, or so many great bakery items that you can place on trays or plates to give to neighbors and friends as well. The two bite cinnamon rolls and the mini brownie bites looked great spaced out on a tray and wrapped in cellophane with ribbon. My favorite item was the 4 pack of decorative Christmas tins filled with Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate Mixes for $9.95. I added bows to the top to show how you could give them individually as gifts.

4. My favorite bakery item at Costco has to be the pumpkin pie. They sell an extra large pumpkin pie for $5.99. It is a family favorite in my house this time of year.

5. Looking for last minute gift ideas? Note stating, "Sorry.. Ran out of Thyme.. Hope that you have a merry Christmas." attached to bottle of Thyme seasoning. Note stating, "Unfortunately our schedules wouldn't budge. Hence, Here's this year's edition of homemade fudge!" attached to a large candy bar. has 121 fun sayings for simple gifts plus Gift tag sayings for clever Frugal gift giving!

We hope that you have a joyous and wonderful Christmas!

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