Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pizza Hut: $10 Pizzas for 10 Days Only

10 days of $10 pizzas! Limited-time offer. Valid thru 11.15.09. Any pizza, any size, any crust, any topping…just $10!

From now through November 15th, every pizza you order on is just $10. That goes for any pizza, any size, any crust and any topping.

11/09 Just found out that this offer is not available in Tucson, it's a Phoenix only offer. However, there is a coupon in the Shopper Super Saver next Wednesday for the same offer here in Tucson BUT you must have the coupon. The offer/coupon is only valid Nov 18 - Nov 25.


UKAv8r said...

I visited Caldwell, ID Pizza Hut on Weds. 11th Nov, midway between the CMA awards show. I ordered a $10 ANy Pizza, Any Size, Any Topping, ANY CRUST PIZZA. To my disgust I was told that Stuffed Crust was $1 Extra. The girl insisted that the Promotion did not Include the Stuffed Crust. Even though I pointed out the Poster on the window!
I took the pizza and have reported the incident to PIZZA HUT. If this information is TRUE then PIZZA HUT'S advert / promotion is tantamount to Gross Misrepresentation and may have some Legal implications. ANY CRUST should MEAN ANY crust...including the STUFEED CRUST! OR is this just another one of the large food chains "gottcha" / "getout"

Anonymous said...

not a surprise as pizza hut owns kfc or vice versa and they didnt really honor the free chicken deal either. one excuse then another!

Anonymous said...

As a law student I SERIOUSLY doubt that it would constitute Gross Misrepresentation. Most advertisements are not considered offers, they can change the offer within reason. They may also be insane and do something like defining the "stuffed" part of the Stuffed Crust as not part of the crust.

Anonymous said...

The radio advertisement I heard here in Texas specifically stated that there was an up-charge for stuffed crust. I'm sorry you were upset that you had to pay more. I am with the previous poster. I am a paralegal and this is far from misrepresentation by any means within the law. I am sure if you read the fine print, which EVERY advertisement has, you will find the terms therefore putting the responsibility on you as the consumer for not fully investigating the offer. It isn't fair but what are you going to?