Friday, September 4, 2009

Costco verses Sam's Club: The Debate Continues

This has been an ongoing debate in our family. Which warehouse gives you more bang for the buck? I get asked this question all the time. To be fair, I own business memberships to both clubs and have favorite items that I purchase from each store for my business and personal use. Having said this, I'll share what I found yesterday on the items that I checked. I went to the Costco in Marana and the Sam's Club by the Tucson Mall.

C- Costco
S- Sam's Club

Unleaded Regular Gas
C- 2.27/gallon
S- 2.23/gallon
By Saturday, our Costco lowered it's gas price to $2.23. I wonder if someone told them about my report. :-)

Copy Paper 5000 sheets
C- 25.26
S- 25.26

Juice boxes 36ct 6.75oz ea
C- 8.29
S- 8.19

Ketchup 44 oz ea 3 pack
C- 6.49
S- 6.52

25 lbs Bread Flour
C- 6.99
S- 7.46

C- 12.39 50 lbs
S- 6.99 25 lbs

50 lbs Sugar
C- 22.89
S- 24.56

25 lbs Sugar
C- 11.99
S- 13.13

C- 10.99 6 lbs
S- 9.74 5 lbs

I was really looking for telephones yesterday. I found Costco had the best selection and price overall. Sam's Club was more expensive on all the sets except for their 3 cordless phone pack that was $10 less than Costco's price.

Costco had the Leapfrog Letter Factory and Word Factory DVDs for $5.99. They sell for @ $10 at Walmart. Costco also had a little bit of summer clearance going on. I picked up a really nice pair of woman's pjs for $7.88.

I have to say that Sam's club had the best clearance going on. They had @ 4-5 tables or racks of clearance clothing. They had kid's summer outfits marked down to 4.81. Their little girl Speedo swim suits were marked down to 4.81, but they rang up at 2.16! Wow! I picked up a suit for next summer! They had men's shorts, pants, and more on clearance for 6.81 and tons of women's capris and burmuda shorts for 9.81. Definitely worth checking out their clothing clearance section if you head to Sam's Club!
I buy my frozen fully cooked meatballs at Sam's Club. Casa di Bertacchi has the best deal on high quality meatballs. You can buy a 6 pound bag of meatballs for only $11.87 at Sam's Club! Amazing! If you need help knowing what you can do with them, you can always pick up my book, 101 Things To Do With Meatballs!

I also love the Byron's Bar-B-Q Pulled Pork that they have in most Sam's Clubs. For some reason they stopped carrying them here in Arizona. Everyone in Tucson needs to put in a request for them to carry this item again! It's delish!

So, the debate continues. Which one is the best deal? Let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

I have always liked Costco, I don'tknow, I think they have great deals on different item. For me Costco has better costumer service than Sam's and that makes my "difference"

Diane said...

This is an on-going debate in our family. I agree that Costco's customer service is outstanding. The one I go to, on Grant, is always crowded and the parking lot is challenging. I pop into Sam's every time I am on the other side of town. It seems so empty and sparsley attended. The pizza is consistently better at Sam's but the Diet Coke is bettr at Costco. We have cards for both, a must for traveling!

Carbonneau said...

I agree that there are different things you can buy at either place for a better price, just depending on what they carry, but overall they seem to be really close from what you showed, even if one beats the other, it wasn't by much.
I like to go out to Sams by Tucson Mall, I went to the Costco off Orange Grove for a while and it was always WAY too crowded, the aisles were not marked w/ what was in them, and they want me to put my cart behind the register. W/ 4 little kids I REALLY DISLIKED being there. They were even rude to us a few times about my kids standing up in the cart when I was right next to them and was talking to them about it already.
Costco also wasn't carrying Pampers diapers when we went there, and that is what I prefer if I can choose.
All personal taste I guess?
Thanks for the comparison!

Erin said...

Thanks for the info! I'll be heading over to Sam's for some clearance items. Hopefully they have as good of deals in Murray as they do in Tucson!

Heather C. said...

I love Costco. For years Costco was all I knew (it was what was close) but now I have moved to Idaho and the nearest Costco is 3 hours away so I have to go to Sam's Club now. It is alright, but not the same. I miss a lot of Costco's products.