Saturday, August 1, 2009

8/01 Schwan's Food Giveaway

Schwan's is having a great Food Giveaway for NEW customers starting 8/01!! Be one of the first 500,000 to enter the Schwan’s Free Food giveaway page starting 8/1, and you could get up to $10 in FREE food plus free delivery.

Those who have purchased items from Schwan’s Home Service in the past 14 weeks and those not located in an existing route of the delivery service are not eligible to receive the free offer.

We just ordered 2 containers of ice cream. They had it on special for 2 for$9. They took off 4.50 from my order. My total with tax was $4.59 for 2 containers of ice cream. They have excellent ice cream!

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Heather C. said...

I just did this. You can order a WHOLE gallon of ice cream (cost 9.99) and you will get it FREE!! Now THAT's a great deal!