Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Back to School Deals

Going Back to School

It's hard to believe school starts in just a couple weeks-
August 3rd for my kids!

I need your help finding back to school deals around Tucson!

If you find any great deals on any of the following items:

Dry Erase Markers
Glue Sticks
Colored Pencils
Ream of Copy Paper
Index Cards
Yellow Highlighter
1/2- 1" Binders
Spiral Notebooks
College ruled loose leaf paper
Clorox Wipes

Please leave a comment or email me at

In the past, Walmart has been the best place to get most supplies, but I'd like to see if there are any other deals out there that beat them! I'll post prices as I receive them. Thanks for your help, and good luck getting ready!


Scott said...

Hope you get this in time! Staples opened a store on Wilmot and Broadway, they have some 1CENT deals, but I believe the end 7/15!

The rebates (if needed) can be done online, so there is no stamp involved either. I got 2 reams of paper that will be 1 penny after rebate (2 per houshold limit) The flyer was in last Sundays paper (including the 5 off 20)

Stephanie said...

So, sad I missed this sale. Let's hope that another one hits before school starts!