Wednesday, June 3, 2009

$100 off plus Free Shipping on Shelf Reliance Shelving

I absolutely love these shelving units from Shelf Reliance. They have all different sizes. I've been wanting one of these for a long time! They are pricey but totally worth it! I was able to get $100 off the original price plus the free shipping to add this model to my pantry!

The Harvest 72" x 18"

Let us take the hassle out of food organization wi...
Regular: $409.99
On Sale: $309.99 / ea with the code

The Harvest 72” x 18” features adjustable can tracks and front-loading technology. This system boasts enough room to hold 294 cans and sits flat against virtually any wall surface.

When I went to enter in the information, I didn't place the order but had entered my phone # to their form and submitted that screen to be able to see what the final price would be. A shelf Reliance representative called me the next day, and offered an additional $10 off the already $100 off plus free shipping, so I was able to get mine for $299.99 out of pocket.

Use this coupon code at checkout: MER100

6/4 Update! Today I went to Walmart at Cortaro and I-10. They have the large Harvest unit from Shelf Reliance there for $299! It holds almost 500 cans! It's original price is $ 459.99. They are located at the T in the aisles between the little girl clothes and furniture and the movie section. This is even a better deal than the one listed above! I'm not too upset though because I needed the diminsions for the one I purchased. This big one would have been too large for my available space in my pantry.

Hot Buy  Harvest Food Rotation System

Height: 72"
Width: 36.5"
Depth: 24.5"
Capacity: Up to 600 cans
Standard Row Configuration: 3 small rows, 1 medium row, 1 large row

My good friend Hallie also just informed me that you can order it through for $299.99 and that includes the shipping as well!

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Mike and Hallie said...

Costco has it and shipping and handling is included!