Thursday, March 19, 2009

Why pay for 411? 1-800-FREE411

1-800-FREE411 is the leader in free directory assistance. Since they started in late 2005, they have saved Americans over a billion dollars! Paid 411 calls can cost up to $3.00 for every call you make (depending on the carrier) and 1-800-FREE411 provides listings for free!

They are free because they are ad supported meaning the consumer hears two, 10 second audio advertisements while we get the number they request. Basically, advertisers (local and national) pay for audio space which offsets the costs to the consumer so that it is FREE. Usually, the ads are highly interactive with the consumer (sometimes offering promotions or discounts) and are geared toward the listing request!

It is super user friendly and helps save families a bundle on their cell phone and land line bills.

Thanks for the 411, Casey!

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Jenni Johansen said...

I prefer 1-800-GOOG411. It is also free, and has no ads at all. It's done by google.