Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Warehouse Clubs- Are they worth it?

I have memberships at both Costco and Sams Club for my 101 cookbook business. For my business, I can generally get paper and other supplies for less than I can at an office supply store. I also can get my sugar, flour, olive oil, real bacon bits, and honey for less than I can at Walmart or the grocery stores by buying in bulk. I also buy my Casa Di Bertacchi fully cooked frozen meatballs at Sams Club. A 6 pound bag cost me $11.22 (1.87/lb). I couldn't make my meatballs for that price!

I also by my kids Capri Sun 100% juice boxes there as well. Fry's had them on sale for $2.50 this last week, but Costco still beat their price. I also buy a 3 lb bag of Iceberg Salad mix at Costco fro $1.99. When salad goes on sale at the grocery store, it is $1 for a 1 lb bag.

If Milk is not on sale for less than $1.90 per gallon, I buy my milk at Costco as well.

There are lots of items at the warehouse stores that are not the best deals. So, you need to be cautious.

I want to generate a list of the good deals that are available at these warehouses that beat the deals in the grocery store. I need your help! Please email or comment on how you save using these warehouses!


Heather C. said...

I buy big bags of shredded cheese (cheddar or a Mexican mix) at Costco. Last time I checked it was 17cents a pound. I have never seen the cheese at the grocery store that cheap (although maybe on a great sale it would be.)I just split the bag up into quart size freezer bags and freeze them all. I defrost them as needed.

Mark Ryan said...

This is a great idea! Can't wait to see the list.

Mike and Hallie said...

I have found great electronics deals. My recent laptop purchase for under $600 with a webcam. We always rent our car from them because you get to have a second driver drive free which is normally on average a charge of $8/day.