Friday, December 12, 2008

My Friday Shop-A-Thon

Today I went to the new Walmart at Tangerine and Oracle. It is a gorgeous store with Walmart pricing! I actually went back to return two items that I had bought the week before and talked myself out of giving different kids for Christmas. I bought 2 different Christmas gifts which I hope will work. And I think my Christmas shopping is now officially done! The rest of my stops were more for fun and curiosity sake.

I went to the Tucson Mall to check out the clearance at Mervyns which is going out of business. Right now all the clothes, bedding, and home decor are marked down to 60%. Pretty much the entire store is marked down between 60-80%. Christmas stuff is marked down 70%. I actually left spending nothing. I didn't make it upstairs to check the selection because my almost 2 year old had a melt down which required us leaving the store. I was hoping to find a good deal on sheets, but their queen size sheet sets are pretty much gone unless you want flannel. They are closing their doors for good on December 31st, so I may check back after Christmas to see if they have anything.

JcPenneys mailed out a $10 coupon of a $10 or more purchase to everyone on their mailing list. So, I went there. I found a $70 beautiful dress on clearance with a nice 3/4 sleeve jacket that with the coupon and tax included cost me $19.45. I was excited!

Just east of Stone on Wetmore there is a store called Anna's Linens. There is another one on the south end of town as well. I love this store. If you are a bargain hunter and are looking for nice quality at amazing prices, this is the store for you! They sell bath decor, shower curtains, towels, adult and kids bedding, slipcovers for couches, decorations, mirrors, drapes, curtains, and more at pretty great prices! I had a 20% off coupon which they had given me on a previous visit. I found a fancy toilet paper holder for my bathroom that cost me $8 after the coupon.

After those two stops, I ran over to Bath and Body Works Outlet in the Foothills Mall. They have all their yummy smelling soap pumps which I love on sale for 4 for $10. They are normally $5 each. That's why I had never bought them before! Though I've loved using them at friends and family's homes. So, with that $10 purchase and the Free Item Coupon for any item up to $13, I was able to get an $11 tube of Pepperment body lotion! Click here for my posting on how to print your own free item coupon. Good through 12/24. They had most of their lotions, body washes, scrubs, etc... on sale 7 items for $35 as well.

On the way to pick up the kids from school, we went through the drive thru at Dairy Queen to use our Buy 1 Get 1 Free Blizzard treat coupons they had emailed me for being on their Blizzard club email list. Then, with the treats in tow, Emma and I went to surprise the kids with one of their favorite splurges. Boy, were they excited!

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